6 common misconceptions about fashion

6 common misconceptions about fashion

6 common misconceptions about fashion. Fashion, a generic term that is now, for sure, an integral part of almost every individual in the world. Whether the individual is from the United States, China, or the mainland of Africa. Wherever someone lives they have to encounter this term named “Fashion” almost daily in their life. 

It is now becoming a daily need and is, somehow, considered a social or cultural maintenance practice. Yet fashion is the most stereotyped subject of the 20th century. People believe in some traditional norms and typically follow those benchmarks regularly in trying to look good. Yet fashion sense has nothing to do with good looks or benchmarks.

The following read is going to help you in treating some general misconceptions about fashion.


#1. Streetwear fashion trends are always expensive to follow.

Have you ever tried a cool, trendy, vibrant popular street style t-shirt for less than $100? They do exist.


Urban Enigma Solar Sounds t-shirt


Expense is the foremost misunderstood point regarding fashion. People normally believe that you need a lot of money to look cool and voguish. And in some cases, it is true, but not always. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a deliberately trendy look. A simple streetwear fashion tee can go very well with any of the jeans types in your closet and can give you a very up-to-date and stylish look. Also, you can have some sort of minimal accessories, followed by wristbands, caps, hats, bandanas, and watches.

#2. Wearing black makes you look slimmer.

Black is the most used color all over the world and is used in almost as many clothing options for both males and females. It also looks classy and casts a cool as well as mature and decent look to the viewers. 

However, people do think that black-colored clothes are always best for slim and crafty photos. Yet, the results can go other ways round as well. If your body fat is more visible, then you need to match the black color with perfect postures and variable accents, otherwise, your dress can look less stunning in that case. However, it generally covers the minor flaws of the body.

Like black, some light colors are also believed to be fattening, but it is also not always true. Light-colored clothing can look very good and fit on your body if stitched to your body type.


#3. Baggy apparels are always nice.

No, a perfect attire should be perfectly sized. Baggy apparels are good to be used sometimes, and also gives a comfortable vibe at home and looks stylish and unique outside. But it does not look good on everyone. Body types do not go well with oversized clothes on both sides of the spectrum when overdone. For example, If you are very skinny, baggy clothes can look like you are enveloped completely by your clothes and sloppy. However, a larger person can also look sloppy with the addition of looking larger than they really are. Baggy apparel should also be properly synced with the tops and bottoms as well as your body size. Always go for perfect sizing options while purchasing your favorite clothing gear.

C:\Users\MIDHA IMTIAZ\Desktop\misconceptions- size charts.png


#4. Gold and silver do not match well together.

Accessories are no doubt a very crucial factor that adds to the overall look of an outfit. Gold and silver accessories have the reputation that they should be avoided being worn together. However, this is a misconception, gold and silver can be both well synchronized with each other creating a proper contrast with your attire.

#5. Gender and age-biased color selection.

Considering the fashion trends and norms, some colors are associated with certain genders, ages, and personalities. However, color has nothing to do with fashion sense and cultural boundaries. 

  • Pinks and reds are marked specially for babies and females. However, men are also equally allowed to opt for such colors according to their choice.
  • Similarly, dark and stable colors like blacks and grays are normally considered suitable for males however, females look classy in such colors also.
  • One varied example of colors is the combination of black and navy blue. Both of these are quite similar and are often considered colors not to be worn together, but this is also a misconception. Both can be well contrasted with each other in a classy way.


#6. Fashion sense doesn’t allow you to eat. 

It is often considered that to be stylish and fashionable you need to be properly toned, shaped with less body mass, and on a continuous diet regimen. The stigma? If you are plump you will not look cool. 

Besides health benefits, fashion has nothing to do with slim or plump bodies. We have seen the incarnation of plus-size models over the last few years commercially. No matter your body shape, use your dopamine to dress the way you feel.


In this discussion, we provided five common misconceptions about fashion. It is clear that there are no boundaries to the choice of fashion a person decides to wear. Also, there is no benchmark in this field that we need to follow, so avoid cultural restrictions. Any person, at any day, anytime, and anywhere can wear the style trend that makes them glow and feel great about themselves. So experiment with your outfit, accessories, current trends, and most importantly, just have fun