What are the parts of a baseball cap?

What are the parts of a baseball cap?

What are the parts of a baseball cap style? A baseball cap is an enduring, as well as, size adjustable accessory. A baseball fashion cap is a type of headwear that is a soft cap with a rounded crown on the top and a stiff bill peak projecting from the front.

Besides its physical benefits, which are warmth and heat protection, there is a list of other things that a well-toned fashion cap can do to you. For example, it can depict a good fashion sense and add to self-confidence. Moreover, it is a cool addition to your daily apparel.   


Here is a list of the parts that make up the anatomy of a baseball cap.

  1. Crown / Panels
  2. Visor or brim 
  3. Button
  4. Eyelets 
  5. Sweatband 
  6. Fit strap 
  7. Inner tape 

The above-mentioned parts of the baseball cap are explained below.

The Crown 

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The Crown is the foremost part of the cap and it layers a structure of the cap. It is made by joining different cloth panels. It can be 5 paneled or 6 paneled caps. Yet, buckram or stiff horse linen is used under the front panel mostly to give the cap a structured shape.

A crown can be of different sizes such as 52”, 54”, 57”, 59”, and more. Similarly, the height can be of different lengths 12.5”, 13”, 13.5”, and 14”

Making and material in the crown are very important. Brushed cotton twill, nylon mesh, or polyester are primarily used to make the crown panels. 


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Panels are different layers of clothes that are stitched together with matching or contrasting threads to make the crown or top of the cap. It is the most crucial factor that tones and structures the cap.

A cap can have 5 panels or 6 panels depending on the style you're going for. For example trucker hats usually have 5 panels where baseball caps usually have 6 panels. 


Visor or bill or brim

Visor or brim is the extension of the crown on the front side and it is the segment of the cap that makes it different from the brimless beanie hats. It protects against sunlight and UV radiations to the face including eyes, nose, and cheeks. A visor is divided into two parts. One is top and the other one is the bottom part. While a third plastic layer is sandwiched between these 2 fabric layers and is called the peak. 

The top and bottom parts are contrasted in color with each other.   


There are two types of visors or brims. One is straight and the other one is curved. These two are different styling options and can be interchanged equally. It is stitched and designed with colored fabrics on the top or can be decorated with embroidery or stickers also.  


There are two parts to the button. Both are attached to each other joining the panels together. The button is covered with fabric and is available in different styles and sizes. The button is located centered in the middle top of the cap.


Eyelets are small air vents that are present to provide air inside the cap and release warm air to the outside helping your head to breathe. These are also designed by different synced and contrasted threads and embroideries. 



A sweatband layer is present under the crown to protect the fiber of the cap from wearing out due to sweat. 



Fit-straps are those adjustable bands that are present on the back panels of the cap. There are different types and styles. 


  • Velcro is a common type of fitter used to adjust the cap’s fitness. It is a tacky closure-like loop that is attached to each other according to the head size.
  • Buckles are another type of fitting adjustment that is available on the backside of the cap, similar to a pants belt but on your head.
  • Plastic hole-loops are two bands in which one side has seven holes and the other one has ball-like pop-ups that are fitted in the holes giving a nice fit. Most hats are made with this type of headwear adjustment.

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Inner Tape

The caps inner tape, although on the inside and not often seen, is very important in covering the seams between the panels. What is awesome is they can be decorated with your brands logo to add an extra cool detail.




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